Body Hair Transplant

People who experience extensive baldness and do not have sufficient donor hair on their head, scalp hair transplant is not a viable option for them. For such people, Follicular Unit Extraction is a feasible method, in which the hair follicles from their several body parts are extracted for hair transplantation. This process is commonly known as Body Hair Transplant (BHT). With BHT, body hair grafts are extracted from the areas like beard and chest as they are considered the best option for hair transplantation, other than the back and sides of the scalp. The hair follicles can also be extracted from several other body parts such as underarms, pubic hair, legs, and forearms if beard and chest hair are not sufficient. Some patients are willing to cover their scalp in just one sitting and for them, BHT is a great option as body hair is required in case of Norwood Grade 6 or Grade 7. This method can be a workable option for retrograde thinning. Patients, who did not have a successful hair transplant surgery, can also opt for this procedure.

Body Hairtransplant

How is the body hair suitable for hair transplantation on the scalp?

If insufficient donor hair follicles are available on the head, then hair from other body parts is used to get good results. After scalp hair, the second-best option for hair extraction is the beard area because beard hair has similarity in the hair cycle, just like the head; similarities such as long anagen phase, thick hair caliber, availability of a huge area for hair graft. Up to 5000 grafts can be extracted with BHT and the scars after the extraction of the hair are negligible as it is done with the help of the FUE technique.

After beard, another best option for this procedure is the hair on the chest. However, it is preferred less because the success rate of surgery with chest hair is not as successful as surgery with the beard hair. In the case of chest hair, the anagen growth is comparatively smaller than the beard. There may be a possibility that the shedding phase of chest hair remains for a longer duration. It is important to shave the chest hair a week before the surgery so that it grows swiftly and thick hair can be extracted for good results.

Still, if beard and chest hair are not sufficiently available for the procedure, then hair follicles from other body parts are used, such as legs, forearms, and underarms. These are the least preferred hair because their anagen growth is very small.

Ideal Candidate for Body Hair Transplant

Not every individual can opt for this procedure of Body Hair Transplant. The following are the conditions, in which the people can undergo this method:

  • Have extensive baldness.
  • Do not have sufficient donor hair on their heads.
  • Have retrograde thinning of hair.
  • People who want to cover their whole scalp in one sitting.
  • Those who did not have successful hair transplant surgery.

Procedure of Body Hair Transplant

In this procedure, body hair is extracted by performing FUE/DTH technique. For minimal and negligible scarring, the surgeons often use the sharp serrated punch. Generally, the beard and chest hair are shaved a week before the surgery for the extraction of fast-growing hair grafts.

Cost of Body Hair Transplant

The cost of body hair transplant surgery is comparatively higher than the normal hair transplant procedure. Because it is a sensitive process and hair follicles units need more precise and careful handling when removed from the donor area. This process of hair extraction from several body parts is much more time consuming and more experts are required for this work. The cost of this surgery is also influenced by the location of the clinic and the experience of the surgeon. The more reputed clinic and surgeons are, the more will be the cost.

Does this surgery leave scars?

It is a sensitive procedure and has to be performed with extensive care. It leaves minimal or negligible scarring if performed by the highly skilled and experienced surgeons. Hair grafts from suitable body parts are extracted using BHT punches. The diameter of the sharp punch needles is very small and with specific hair extraction techniques, it results in minimal scarring, which is not visible at the donor area.

Covering of strip scarring with body hair transplant

BTS is also a great option for coving all the scars on a patient’s head which were caused because of some accident, or due to strip hair transplant. With the body hair transplant technique, hair can be inserted in the affected areas. Though the rate at which this hair grows is not as high the growth rate of transplanted hair by the FUE method, the results are still satisfactory, ranging from 60 - 90%.