To Know the Actual Cost of Hair Transplant

The world is moving fast with technology now-a-days. There is a solution to every problem in today’s time; be it the medical field, technical field, business or anything else. Talking about medical science and its advancement, plastic surgeries have come a long way since they were initially developed. There are many reasons (new and old) why people prefer having plastic surgeries. Particularly people who have damaged body parts due to accidental causes or people who want to beautify their appearance, go for such kind of surgeries

Today, we are going to talk about one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments i.e., Hair Transplant. Before digging deep, let us have a glimpse at what exactly is a Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair Transpalnt Cost
Hair Transplant Surgery

What is a Hair Transplant?

If we talk in layman terms, hair transplant is a technique by which new hair can be grown on the scalp of a bald or partially bald person. Now talking in medical terms, hair transplant is a surgical procedure or method that removes hair follicles from one part of the scalp/body, which is called as a ‘donor site’ and is inserted to a balding part of the head known as the ‘recipient site’. Donor site can be any part of the body with healthy hair growth.

Primarily, this treatment is done or preferred by men. It is because genetic baldness mainly affects males as compared to females. Initially, a smaller number of people preferred this technique, but with the increase in the success rate in the last century, a greater number of people are now attracted towards this surgical hair restoration method.

Why you should consider going for a Hair Transplant Surgery?

There are many good reasons, why you should consider going for hair transplantation. One of the main reasons is Genetic Baldness, which means people who have family history of baldness. Sometimes, it starts from a young age which is way too embarrassing for anyone.

Pattern baldness is responsible for majority of the hair loss. Genetics again play a very important role in it. There are several other factors why you can think of having a hair transplant as you may lose your hair follicles because of the following reasons -

  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Medications
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • mproper care of your hair

If you are losing hair continuously because of any of the above reasons, then the surgical hair restoration is the perfect option and solution for you.

Who might and might not benefit from a hair transplant?

Everybody wishes to look good and presentable in a group of people. You will be considered a good candidate for a hair transplant surgery if:

  • You are a man experiencing ‘male pattern baldness’
  • You are a woman with ‘thinning hair’
  • You are someone who has lost hair due to some kind of scalp injury or burns

You may not be a good candidate for hair transplantation if:

  • You do not have enough hair on any of the ‘donor sites’ of your body
  • You have lost your hair due to chemotherapy or other radiation procedures
  • You are a woman with widespread pattern of hair loss throughout the scalp

Therefore, by reading the above factors, you can easily identify yourself as a good or a bad candidate for hair transplant surgery.

How much does a Hair Transplant Surgery Cost?

This is a big question in every person’s mind who has ever wished to have his hair back through a hair transplant procedure. When you think of any kind of medical procedure to be done on your body, the first thing that comes to your mind is the COST. It is a common notion that plastic surgeries are way too expensive. The statement is true up to some extent but not all the surgeries are high-priced.

There are several factors which affect the cost of your hair transplantation. Our medical professionals always suggest that you should analyze all these factors before deciding on a hair transplant surgery. The first and the most important factor is the type of surgical hair restoration procedure that you have chosen.

Now there are two methods of doing a hair transplant surgery - FUE i.e., Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT i.e., Follicular Unit Transplantation. FUT is not in use much today because of its certain drawbacks. While on the other hand, FUE has overtaken FUT and is proved to have more benefits than FUT. Thus, if you are considering for a FUE hair transplant procedure, the cost would be slightly higher. It is because FUE is comparatively an advanced technique and gives more precise results.

Here is a list of various factors according to which the cost of your hair transplantation would vary -

  1. Educational Qualifications of your Surgeon -

    Now-a-days, many clinics offer cheaper rates for surgical hair transplants which are being operated by dentists, general physicians or doctors who are trained in other areas of medicine. This will result in disappointment and nothing else. It is always recommended that a hair transplant surgery must be done by a certified cosmetic surgeon because this way, you can avoid any potential risks associated with hair restoration surgery.

  2. Number of Grafts required -

    The cost of Hair transplant also majorly depends on the number of grafts required to be transplanted on your scalp. In India, the average rate of a graft is 25 - 40 INR. The number of grafts which you need depends on the maximum area that needs to be covered on your scalp for eliminating baldness. A graft calculator is a perfect device for this purpose.

  3. Number of Technicians and their Expertise -

    Usually clinics which operate on low cost do not have experienced medical professionals as such. This results in poor and unnatural results, infections and post-surgery damage. So, it is always recommended that you cross check the whole information related to any clinic you visit. is the best choice one can have in terms of hair transplantation. We provide the right direction and guidance to all our patients. The involvement of our big and professional team always leads to expected results without any risk factor.

  4. Technique used for Hair Transplant -

    As mentioned above, FUE costs more than FUT and gives better results without any major scars. If you prefer an experienced FUE surgeon, you might have to pay some extra bucks. But you will be amazed to see the results afterwards.

  5. Expertise of the Surgeon you choose -

    A surgeon is the most important part of this procedure as it totally depends on him how accurately he is going to do the surgery. A study shows that a hair transplant surgeon should have minimum 5 years of experience and performed at least 1000 successful hair restoration surgeries. More experienced the doctor is, more amazing the results will be seen. And to get the best results from an experienced surgeon, you have to increase your budget a little more.

As a patient, you will expect that your hairline should look natural after the transplant surgery. If you get in contact with the wrong and inexperienced surgeon, you will be disappointed seeing the results.

It is recommended that you should also check the safety and hygiene standards of the clinic or the hospital you are visiting. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and hence should be performed under proper hygienic conditions to minimize the risk factors. Our expert professionals always try to provide the best safety and hygiene standards to you.

You have all the rights to look bold, younger and confident. So, drop your queries at to get the right advice!