Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Scalp micro-pigmentation is a technique that is used to recreate hair follicles and that creates the illusion of thicker hair growth. This method is utilized to cover the bald areas visible on the head due to hair loss and hair thinning. This gives a closely shaven look to the men and fuller hair for women. Before you decide to get this scalp micro-pigmentation done, visit a good dermatologist for the consultation. He would be the right person to guide you whether you need this treatment or not.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Who are the ideal candidates for this treatment?

  • Patients who are suffering from problems related to the immune system, liver, or kidney-related diseases.
  • Willing to restore facial hair without any surgery.
  • Losing hair due to heredity.
  • To get a dense and fuller look on the scalp and beard.
  • Burn or trauma that causes hair loss on the beard.
  • After sex conversion surgery.
  • Post cleft lip repair surgery.
  • In the case of Alopecia Areata if no medication is showing results.
  • Androgenetic Alopecia:
    • To reduce the visibility of hair thinning in case of female-pattern baldness.
    • When there are no sufficient donor hair follicles for hair transplant surgery.
    • When after multiple surgeries, the results are not satisfactory, and baldness is still there.
    • Hair thinning.
    • Patients who have a fear of surgery.
    • To hide scars after Strip/FUT surgery.

Working of Scalp Micro-pigmentation

This process of scalp micro-pigmentation is quite like drawing a tattoo. A pattern is created by inserting ink into the skin or scalp at the best level. In this technique, natural hair like illusion is created on the bald area in an irregular manner with microdots of smaller than 1mm.

Before Procedure

  • You need to consult a dermatologist, for detailed assessment; he will decide if this procedure can be done or not.
  • You need to stop several medicines like vitamin E, aspirin, etc. at least 12-15 days before the procedure.
  • Tell about every medicine you are taking and full medical history to your dermatologist.

During Procedure

The actual procedure is done by a professional doctor and his medical team. This process is considered minor; so, it can also be performed by an invasive artist under the supervision of a doctor.


Scalp micro-pigmentation is a minor procedure. Hair is trimmed if the patient does not refuse to do so due to some aesthetic reasons. The doctor will have a record for the future in the form of photos and a consent letter need to be signed by the patient.

Anesthesia Dose:

For this treatment, a very small level of anesthesia is given around the area that is required to be treated. This procedure is 3-4 hours long, and an extra dose of anesthesia may be required.

Tattoo on the scalp:

A cartridge contains up to 3 needles that are used in this method to inject pigment in the second layer of the skin. The structure and placement of the hair follicles are replicated by injecting ink in the scalp for a natural hair-like look. Several shades of ink are used for making it look natural. The changes in the appearance will not be very dramatic; it will be natural-looking. No bandage is tied after the successful completion of the procedure.

After Procedure

  • Do not bend the head.
  • Do not wear any type of headband.
  • If required, take medicines prescribed by your physician. Antibiotic creams should be applied to the treated areas according to the doctor’s
  • Do not wash the treated areas for at least two days.
  • If required, go for a touch up after a month.
  • For the best results, dye your hair black whenever required.

Cost of Scalp Micro-pigmentation

The cost of this treatment varies with the clinic location as well as the doctor or technician who will be performing the procedure. To get desired outcomes, a minimum of three sittings are required, and each session can cost from 15,000 to 30,000 INR.

Results of Scalp Micro-pigmentation

  • Immediate results can be seen after the procedure and usually, a touchup is required after a month.
  • With time, the pigment will start to fade and for that, regular touchups may be needed for the best possible look.
  • Replication of follicles will be required in areas where baldness is visible due to the ongoing process of hair loss and in such areas, skin on the scalp will be visible.
  • The process ‘Reversal’ is done to change the shape of hair if the patient wants changed position of his hairline with the growing age.