Male Pattern Baldness

In today’s fast-moving world, there are many physical and psychological health issues experienced by both males and females and this often ends up with visits to various doctors and physicians ever so frequently. Common health illnesses can be seen in every age group nowadays, as the irregular eating habits and bad lifestyle are upside down as compared to the past. One of the major problems seen today due to stress and changing lifestyles is Baldness.

Although falling hair is common in both males and females, it is more visible and severe in the case of men. Now, let us first define what exactly Male pattern baldness is and how this article can help you in getting rid of this problem!

Male Pattern Baldness
Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic Alopecia

In scientific terms, Androgenetic Alopecia is the name given to male pattern baldness. Generally, it occurs due to age factor and hormonal changes over time. One can notice excessive hair fall as the very first symptom of baldness. If sudden and unexpected hair fall occurs, it can lead to a serious issue that may require the help of a physician. The common causes of male pattern baldness include age, hormonal changes, genetics & hereditary reasons. Other factors that may be considered secondary are nutritional deficiencies, stress, infection, psychological problems, etc.

A fact reveals that nearly 50 million men get affected by this problem by the age of 50. The visible loss of hair from the scalp in males can be psychologically distressing and embarrassing too. A study also shows that Chinese and Japanese people are less affected by this problem while nearly 50 - 80% of white men are known to have this issue as they get old.

Classify yourself at the risk of getting into the baldness category!

It is unlikely that you may experience hair fall in your teenage as it is more likely to affect adult men. Secondly, men who have close relatives particularly on their maternal side, who have experienced the problem of baldness, are very much expected to fall in this category. But worry not! As they say, every problem that occurs in this world and has a solution in this world itself! Many men do not like themselves or their outer personality after they lose their hair. So, many new techniques have been invented to make men with this problem feel comfortable. Some of them are listed below -

  • Wigs - Wigs or hairpieces are artificial hair created of nylon threads or other suitable material. Wigs can cover mild thinning of hair to complete baldness. You can also choose wigs according to your personality like wig color, style, etc.

  • Weaves - Weaves are just another type of wigs that are sewn into your hair for a long-term solution. The advantage being that weaves stay with you even when you are doing any kind of physical activity like running, swimming, etc.

  • However, these solutions are not permanent and have several side-effects as well, such as dandruff, allergy, irritation, and other skin problems.

Complications from Male Pattern Baldness

Understanding in simpler terms, hair protects our scalp from the scorching heat of the sun, so baldness can lead to sunburn and skin irritation. It can be treated with mild lotions, caps, etc.

Medical Treatments - There are several medical treatments to get short-term and long-term solutions for male pattern baldness. Such treatments are mentioned below:

Medication - There are two popularly prescribed medicines, namely Finasteride and Minoxidil which can help you in extreme hair fall conditions. Launched in the UK in 2002, finasteride works by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone which as a result encourages normal hair growth. A study shows that 1 in 3 men find this medicine effective enough.

Minoxidil, on the other hand, is a rub-on lotion that you can easily procure from any nearby pharmacy shop. It is said to be more effective if used at an earlier stage. Possible side effects include dryness, irritation, burning of the scalp, which may require immediate expert consultation.

Hair Transplant - It is a surgical hair restoration treatment that involves the extraction of hair from the active hair growing areas of the scalp and inserting them into the affected bald area. Although it is quite an expensive treatment but it comes with a permanent solution to natural hair growth. Therefore, hair transplantation can bring your natural hair back if performed by an experienced surgeon.

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