Are you a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant?

People are facing many problems these days and hair loss is one of them. Many people try several home remedies when nothing works. However, a hair transplant is an amazing and effective manner to solve this problem. The popularity of hair transplant surgery is burgeoning day by day as most of the hair transplant patients were successful in gaining the hair follicles on their hairline and to cure their baldness. Though the success rate of hair transplantation is very high; for a successful surgery, you need to be a good candidate, and many fundamental factors need to be considered before thinking about this hair restoration procedure.

No doubt, being bald is the major factor but plenty of other factors need to be studied by both the surgeon as well as the patient for a successful surgery to get the desired results. To better understand what makes you the right candidate, the following are key factors that will influence your candidacy.

Some hair follicles are required

First and foremost, certainly there are major possibilities to restore your hairline and bald patches can be covered. For a successful hair transplant, donor hair follicles are required. Unfortunately, hair restoration surgery is only possible if you have hair on your scalp. Complete baldness is not a viable option.

Healthy hair growth is required on the sides and back of the head, as that is the donor area for hair transplant. The hair grafts are taken from the donor areas and inserted into the bald areas. Enough hairs are required at the donor area for the best possible results.

Type of your hair

Everyone has different hair types, which can affect the results of hair transplant surgery. The hair restoration outcomes can get affected by different characteristics of hair such as texture, strength, hair color, etc. The relation between the color of your hair and the underlying skin is very significant.

Reason of hair loss

There are various reasons for hair loss; your cause of hair loss will also decide whether you are eligible for hair transplant surgery or not. If the reason for your hair loss is stress, then hair transplant is not a recommended option for you because in this case, hair loss is temporary. If you are suffering from male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, then hair transplantation is an optimal solution for you.


Hair loss is very common in men even at a young age. Due to hair loss, you may feel under confident and you are planning to get hair transplant surgery done. Because of a receding hairline, some men in their early twenties think they need a hair transplant. But at this age you are not a viable candidate for hair transplant as you may continue to lose hair. Most surgeons would recommend you to wait a few years for successful surgery and ideal results.

Amount of hair loss

There may be a possibility that the amount of hair loss is not very extreme and hair starts to thin down; in that case, hair transplant is not the only option. Scalp micro pigmentation can also be a good option, considering the severity of hair loss. Sometimes, the receding hairline does not look as bad as you think; in that case, your consultant will ask you to wait and visit a few years later.

General health

You need to be healthy to undergo any surgery and hair transplantation is no exception. Though hair transplant is a minor surgery, your immune system should be strong to reduce the chances of any risk. If you are suffering from any chronic health problems such as diabetes or heart problems and taking medication for the same, then it is important to tell everything in detail at the time of consultation. After analyzing your medical history and all such factors, only then will you be told by your doctor at the time of consultation if you are the right candidate for hair restoration surgery.

A previous bad hair transplant

Unfortunately, it is possible that some already have had a hair transplant surgery in the past which was not successful and they were unable to get their desired results. Hair transplant surgery can go wrong if the chosen procedure was not right or the surgeon was not skilled and experienced enough or you focused on cheaper hair transplantation.

Many times, the surgery has not been planned considering the hair loss that can be noticed in the future and this may also result in using a large number of donor hair grafts. The hair follicles at the donor area is a limited resource that needs to be used wisely, preserving them for future hair transplants (if required). A successful hair transplant is only possible if there are sufficient donor hairs on the head. Thus, the quality of the factors associated with hair transplant should be given priority instead of the price you are going to pay for it.